No Girl? How to Express Your Man Crush on Valentine's Day Instead


V-Day street cred.

No girl for Valentine’s Day? No worries. Problem solved.

Like millions, I’m enjoying National Singles Awareness Day as Lone Ranger this year, and it bothered me at one point. But then I realized…

V-Day isn’t about Y chromosomes. It’s all about sharing the love–period.

Why not show some Fight Club-style feelings for your homies with the testosterone-rich but heart-rending “I Man Crush You” T-shirt or Hoodie? 100% of profits for all products in February go to Camp Sunshine, a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses…

Afraid the boys will think you’re turning into Elton John? Not to worry. This T is designed to project chest bumping, not spooning:

-Clear crossbones penetrating the heart.
You love ‘em, but in a Platoon way, not a Brokeback way.

-The shirt only comes in black, and the heart is blue. No Richard Simmons’ pastels or questionable Martha Stewart hues. Real men don’t need uplifting colors.

I know that you can’t tell them you love ‘em, so get the shirt and tell them it was a gag gift. They’ll know the truth and shed a silent tear.

Even tough guys have feelings.

Get the T-shirt or hoodie here and spread the tough love.

P.S. Like this? Please Digg it here. And ladies, plenty to come for you in the next post. Promise :)

Posted on: February 7, 2008.

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63 comments on “No Girl? How to Express Your Man Crush on Valentine's Day Instead

  1. this crew of trained professionals will teach you how to pickup the ladies at bars and grocery stores (also teach ladies how to pickup men or be picked up)

    If you speed thru the online sample videos you might even snag a GF in time for Vday.

    The concept is outrageous and yet leaves me thinking, how much further we’d all be if we had this kind of social training for a semester of high school.



  2. Well, dang, Tim… I was surprised to see that you were also a fan of my favorite book, A Stranger in a Strange Land. Now you’re referring to women as “Ladies”? I thought I was the last person in Northern America to use that nomenclature…

    My special Ladyfriend [meine schöne Dame] has been claiming for months that I have a man-crush on you because of how often I quote your book/web-page/etc. Now that you’ve posted that shirt, she’s declared it official and won’t drop the topic. I’m doomed ;)

    Zum Leben!


  3. Both “ladies” and “women” are equally bad given their etymology – woman comes from Anglo-Saxon wifman – wife-man (man in Anglo-Saxon meaning person). Lady comes from hlafdæg, a loaf-maker, essentially the one who cooks. Pretty much any term used to describe people of one sex or the other is going to be essentially sexist whether intended or otherwise since it’s describing a set of people by their sex. “Ladies” does however imply a certain class & dignity at least, and consciousness of the concept of being a gentleman.


  4. Tim,

    Why people are never content with someone’s else life? A: Because they just can’t mind [b]only/[/b] their own freaking business!!!

    I have been single, married, divorced, and now single… A girl, a chick, a hag, a lady, whatever… My only business. Are you married? Good, so be it. Are you single, so great, enjoy it! Are getting your hell way to divorce, and playing as single while separated? Also, enjoy it! Just do not try to cast your experience as the only formula that works, it doesn’t exist! Hell with Valentines melo-drama… and buying things nobody needs… ;-)

    And maybe to some stirr-ups I mingle among boys and do the same if I want to, excepting one little difference that I love exclusively…

    Make love and war if needed too… The curse and coarse of humanity, so what? Do you think we will live forever just because we softly transitioned, trangered, suppressed or mutilated ourselves to saints??? Hahaha, make me laugh!

    Live forever then.




  5. Jawohl! Herr Ferriss,

    I lese jezt das Buch, und finde mich ziemlich begeistert. Du hast etwas besonders geschrieben. Du bist auch lustig. That was just einen kleinen Test to make sure your German is not rusty, ;) I dare you to write back in German.

    Mozart’s Left Toe


    Thanks for the kind words, Mozart/Amy. I hope the funny parts were intentional! It’s 2am after a long night, so no German for now, but nice work. Been to Austria, I presume?



  6. Happy Valentines Day from one single to another!
    Although I’m rather suprised no-one’s snatched you up yet, from everything I’ve read you’re everything a girl could want!
    Lets get a drink during SXSW….


  7. Re: Your Message 2/14/08

    Austria yes. Fulbright gave me the lucky opportunity to live there for two years. Ach ja. I miss it.. which is why I challenge people to Deutsch Duals in the middle of the night…

    Question: What was the name of the organization where you took German in Berlin? In your book you mentioned the Platz but not the company. I am looking for an inexpensive refresher course there. Also, if you have any recommendations of where to live in Berlin I would be grateful.

    From the four-hour-toe,,,

    Mozart’s Left Toe aka Amy