No Girl? How to Express Your Man Crush on Valentine's Day Instead


V-Day street cred.

No girl for Valentine’s Day? No worries. Problem solved.

Like millions, I’m enjoying National Singles Awareness Day as Lone Ranger this year, and it bothered me at one point. But then I realized…

V-Day isn’t about Y chromosomes. It’s all about sharing the love–period.

Why not show some Fight Club-style feelings for your homies with the testosterone-rich but heart-rending “I Man Crush You” T-shirt or Hoodie? 100% of profits for all products in February go to Camp Sunshine, a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses…

Afraid the boys will think you’re turning into Elton John? Not to worry. This T is designed to project chest bumping, not spooning:

-Clear crossbones penetrating the heart.
You love ’em, but in a Platoon way, not a Brokeback way.

-The shirt only comes in black, and the heart is blue. No Richard Simmons’ pastels or questionable Martha Stewart hues. Real men don’t need uplifting colors.

I know that you can’t tell them you love ’em, so get the shirt and tell them it was a gag gift. They’ll know the truth and shed a silent tear.

Even tough guys have feelings.

Get the T-shirt or hoodie here and spread the tough love.

P.S. Like this? Please Digg it here. And ladies, plenty to come for you in the next post. Promise :)

Posted on: February 7, 2008.

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63 comments on “No Girl? How to Express Your Man Crush on Valentine's Day Instead

  1. Hi Tim!

    “Platoon way, not Brokeback way…” & “They’ll know the truth and shed a silent tear” had me shedding a silent tear from laughter. The clip at the end was a nice surprise; it reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve watched that masterpiece.

    Thanks for the post!
    – John


  2. I don’t know, my friend. Those “crossbones” look rather phallic to me. Then again, I’m a chick, so maybe I’m biased…


  3. Is that your boy Tim? Because, you do live near SF – not that SF is brokeback – well, nothing wrong with brokeback either I guess.



    LOL… I do live near SF, but I’m in the 30-40% that isn’t playing for the same team, so-to-speak. In other words, in some areas, I would be in the hetero minority :)



  4. Dude, Tim… a word of advice:

    “Girls, girls are SOFT… but BOYS? Boys are HARD.”

    When you’re ready for your initiation into dude-on-dude, my buddy and I have a few ideas in mind for you.



    Hi Sam,

    I appreciate the kind offer, but I’ll have to pass. I haven’t quite given up on the ladies yet. Me likes the womens.

    But more power to ya’,



  5. Ha Ha,

    Way to keep the MMA in the mix. I will have to let Carlos Machado know about this one. If you come into dallas, send me a shout and I will make sure you roll at Machado’s. Thanks for all the recomms. on these different books, I just picked up “The Paradox of Choice…..” Its great having someone who can give solid advice on quality books. Hope you are still training in Jiu-Jitsu.


    Jose Castro-Frenzel


  6. Great cause and nice post. It had me laughing out loud.

    I’ve done it both ways but willingly spent the last 2 years casually dating/single. After a few V-Days spent single and lamenting missing out on all the fun I had a realization.

    It’s an AWESOME day to push your comfort zone. I’ll do something that violates the cultural status quo – eg: Go see a movie during peak hours by myself and enjoy the hell out of it. Or hit up the bar on my own and see who I meet. It’s a great opportunity to take charge of the moment, and worst case scenario if I’m still itching for some female company – it’s Valentines day. If guys dislike being single on it, girls HATE it so finding female companionship is usually a lot easier than 99% of the other days during year. Or if i want something a little more fun I’ll hit up a salsa club. Nothing like a bit of ballroom/Latin on Valentines day =)


  7. Ok,

    Here is my take on V Day:

    IF you are single:
    Better to be single than in a bad relationship. At least you are free to explore options.

    IF you are in a relationship:
    Make the best of it and do something memorable. Don’t just blow money, do something that shows you really care. A weekend getaway, make a painting, just be creative and sincere.

    This is my first year since I was 22( 26 Now) to be single and I am glad. I learned so much in 2007 and am having fun Micro Testing some of the tools Tim and others have shared.


    Jose Castro-Frenzel


  8. I share your man crush. There’s no way of saying that without sounding creepy.

    I’m sure you’ve seen Rescue Dawn but if not you’ve got to check it out.


  9. You? Single? That’s incredible. Do your VAs track the volume of amorous RFPs you receive? Any advice for us chicks on how to circumvent our man crush’s spam filters?


    Hi Christine,

    LOL… there is a simple way for single ladies to find me:

    If that doesn’t show up, my name on Match is “desdeelalma”

    Pura vida :)



  10. Come out to my [current] hometown and I’ll go tango with you on V Day. (Use my email, not published here, to see where). I started tango after I saw your YouTube video from the house party in Uruguay. What…? You don’t have a date on V Day after you had your dating outsourced…? ;)


  11. @SAM ew ew ew ew ew! and also LOL! Btw – I’m one tough gay. Albeit with friendly sunshine coating.

    re: Fight Club, MTV reports today…

    I am Jack’s … gorgeous libretto?

    A long-rumored Broadway adaptation of “Fight Club” is closer than ever to happening, an excited David Fincher told MTV News, admitting that preparations have been amped up in anticipation of the film’s upcoming landmark.

    “I want at the 10-year anniversary to do ‘Fight Club’ as a musical on Broadway,” the director enthused. “I love the idea of that.


  12. Tim, you’re great, but honestly, is anybody really buying this ‘Ladies…” stuff? How about doing the real experiment in life(style) design, and admitting that it’s the Brokeback way and not the Platoon way. As your mancrush says, “Where you are now, you cannot even imagine what the bottom will be like…” but I’ll bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  13. HAHA!!!

    “designed to project chest bumping, not spooning”!! That is hilarious!

    But seriously Tim, isn’t this really just dodging the real need?

    Isn’t it time to go sweep another maiden off her feet and carry her to your treehouse!

    Next thing you know, you’ll changing little Timlet’s diapers (Also, something extreme to push the comfort zone!)
    I can see it now “The four hour babysitter, Escape 9-5 and Join the New Mister-Moms”

    Sorry, Just a little fun.. Have a great “Man-crush” Day! Let us know how Chistian Bale Crushes you back!