Test Driving the Unreleased Audi R8, the Supercar Even Women Fantasize About (Plus: A Favor)


I love fast cars. Enter the Audi R8 supercar. OMFG.

I get a massive amount of e-mail — almost 300 per hour at one point during major media — which is why I outsourced my inbox in the first place to virtual assistants.

Sometimes, though, comes a snort-worthy e-mail — a zinger exciting enough to make me choke and spurt morning coffee out of my nose like a fire-breathing dragon (not recommended).

Here is one of them, received last week, from James Tate of Traction magazine:

“I’ve got a gray six-speed Audi R8 booked from the 28th through the 4th of Feb. and can do any of those dates. Any chance you’ll be in town?”

The Audi R8 – The supercar the US market is still waiting for.

Let me keep this simple. I’m not a car person and don’t expect you to be. I just don’t care about most cars. BUT, there are a few cars that put me in an odd state of 200+ mph-induced euphoria. I am a racer at heart.

James’ e-mail had good timing, as I had just read a review of the R8 as the best Audi ever built.

More convincing still, the reviewer reported that it was the first car of the dozens he’d reviewed to make his wife and all the women who rode in it drool like blubbering fan boys. WTF was going on? That’s not supposed to happen.

It would be like a bunch of men crying while watching Whale Rider. [Postscript: OK, I did, but only the scene where she’s reciting the story for her grandfather… Man, that’s a rough one.]

This was the car I wanted to drive.

Due to massive pre-orders and other factors, the Audi R8 supercar isn’t even available in the US until April or summer of 2008. Its 420 HP of power is transferred to all-wheel drive and its design, based on the Lamborghini Gallardo, allows you to drift and do all manner of things impossible in normal street cars.

“So let me get this straight,” I wrote. “I get to drive the machine at faster than 25mph?”

Here’s the sequence, leaving out the parts that would get me a nice sit down with fine gents in uniform…

Magnetic suspension and introduction of the R8.

First acceleration test.

Second acceleration test. Smoother than butter at triple digits within a 1/4 mile — I can only assume, of course :)

For more shots of the test day, check out Flickr.

I suspect this will not be the last time you see me in an R8.

If you like speed and the feeling of commanding the road (not to mention the ego-driven but still fun experience of having EVERYONE gawk at the car), I recommend you take this one-of-a-kind dream machine for spin.

Just put yourself on the waiting list and be forewarned… mixing testosterone with this Audi could be hazardous to your bank account.


Odds and Ends: I Need Your Help

I want to revamp and redesign this blog beginning next week.

What changes/improvements should I make? Please let me know in the comments! Whether features, new layout, better design, plug-ins, regular features, guest posters, or content… I want your suggestions! This blog is for you, so please tell me what changes to make.

What do you like most and what do you dislike most?

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Posted on: January 31, 2008.

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109 comments on “Test Driving the Unreleased Audi R8, the Supercar Even Women Fantasize About (Plus: A Favor)

  1. I truly can’t think of anything about your blog to improve at the moment, it’s my favorite – it’s all about content and I think yours is A

    But I look forward to others thoughts.

    I drive an Audi (A4 – mom style), Tim, and all I have to say is, why do you continue to tease me? :)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Tim,

    I think you should have animations of robots watering some fake grass in a fake desert in Nevada. That would really spruce up your site.

    Also, have a little interaction between your readers and you – such as putting up polls and tracking — fun things and maybe substantive things. Maybe stuff about robots. Watering fake grass. In a fake desert. Eating candy.


  3. Tim,

    Hmm… a trip to the Autobahn as your next mini-retirement? Yeah, then you can YouTube at 225mph… That way we can still drool.. collectively.. as racers at heart. If you need contacts let me know.

    And there’s really nothing that I can see that needs improvement on your blog. It’s blingin hot.



  4. How do you like the R8 in comparison to the Aston Martin DB9?


    Oooooh. That’s a tough one. I’d vote the R8, just because you feel like you’re in 2050, but I still haven’t tested out the DBS (in Casino Royale).



  5. Tim,

    Wow, yeah, ditto Paul. I’m officially jealous.. as if I wasn’t before. Slap that thing on the Autobahn (next mini-retirement idea). I’d love to see a YouTube at 225mph.

    Don’t have much to add to your blog. It already hits the spot. Your content is king.


  6. I didn’t realize those were still unrealeased? I saw one a couple weeks ago at a cafe in Palos Verdes and I just assumed it had recently gone on the market…


  7. Tim
    The blog is great as is. After all, it is tough to complain about something that is free. Nonetheless I think it would be cool to have daily reminders, tasks, challenges, etc that reinforce the NR mentality and keep those of us struggling to escape the deferred-life focussed.



  8. In terms of specific content, it’d be great to see more stuff about actually breaking out of the money-for-time trap. The licensing post with Stephen Key was great.

    You could integrate the blog with the book side of the site more. That would be a big improvement. What you have now are two sites under the same domain, and I think that funnels your audience away from the blog content unnecessarily.

    The blog site of the site is great, though. Don’t fix it too much.


  9. I recently read 4HWW and thus discovered this blog. I have throughly enjoyed every post.

    But since you are asking … I would love to see more posts on the following topics:

    – what you outsource: I know there are several posts on this, but if you discover new things along the way I would love to keep hearing about it.

    – more guidance on muses: this is the area I struggle with the most. I have a ton of ideas but find myself losing focus, mostly out of fear of failure. I know you cover this in your book – I keep rereading the muse chapters – but it helps a lot to hear stories of others who have been successful.

    All in all, I would say this is a great blog – one of my favorites – so really you don’t NEED to change anything. But I’d love to see more of the above.


  10. Whatever you do next, launch it from here, which means you might want to redesign around that. Other than that, a kind of NR education center (wiki?) would be great way to sustain and grow your audience. Awesome web resources/destinations are powerful magnets. Ditch the silly old-school book promo site.

    Keep it free and stuff it to the digital rafters with real good info. Give it away. You want mindshare. You want community, let the community edit/create. When you get ready to drop something new for sale, you will have an eager audience ready for it.

    First thoughts and random neurons firing, anyways.


  11. Perhaps track your top bloggers, as these people keep some sort of consistency with ideas and opinions. Just my thought. More video clips, as we all know video speaks so much louder than words.

    On the side of muses, i would have to agree with this. Perhaps, ideas on what to do if you get stuck, damage control ideas possibly, more martial arts videos, an action plan for being more resourceful, but all in all I enjoy this blog very much and will continue to be a writer on here.

    Thanks everyone for your ideas and comments, they have helped me.


    Jose Castro Frenzel


  12. Change the copyright date on the bottom, it’s 2008. Other than that, just do whatever makes you aesthetically pleased because it really is fine the way it is.

    Note: @sheila – your comment made me shoot soup out of my mouth. Hilarious. Eating candy.



    You may know this already but what the hell:

    You can upload your videos directly from your IMOVIES to YouTube. This is done if you have the ILIFE 08 from apple.

    To publish to YouTube:

    Select your project in the Project Library, and then choose Share > YouTube.

    Choose your account in the Account pop-up menu.

    If you don’t have a YouTube account, click Add to be guided through the account creation process on the YouTube website.

    Choose a category from the pop-up menu for the video to be categorized on the YouTube website.

    Fill in the following fields:

    Title: The name of your movie.

    Description: Some information about your movie for viewers to read.

    Tags: Keywords that viewers can use to search for and find your movie.

    This is directly from Apple. All rights reserved.

    Anyhow, I thought you might like this so to speed up your traffic when people search for you on youtube.

    APPLE one on one Rocks!!!!!



  14. The content is perfect, I like the layout – I’d just like more of the same.

    I especially like stuff that inspires me and gives me practical help in getting to where you are!

    But I like the personal stuff too – this car is awesome, I love seeing you dance… I haven’t been bored here yet.