LitLiberation: How to Travel the World–and Get a Personal Assistant–for Free


First, a few questions from Eastern Europe for you all. Take a minute to seriously consider each:

Envision the 5 books that have most impacted your life. How would your life be different if you’d never read them?

Where might you be today if you’d never met the most influential teachers in your life, past and present?

How would your options be affected if you could never again read a book, menu, or sign?

Here is the huge competition I’ve been promising. It’s the biggest I’ve ever done, and there are some incredible world-famous people involved. You won’t be disappointed:

If you’d like to support this idea, please take a second to vote for it here. Be sure to see the “prizes” sectionhow could you get into the 10K Club if you had to?

Posted on: October 1, 2007.

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63 comments on “LitLiberation: How to Travel the World–and Get a Personal Assistant–for Free

  1. Wow! Thats a wonderful thing you have going on there Tim. And I say that not just because of the opportunity it could offer someone, but moreso because of the opportunities that the litliberation will offer to others. A very noble task there sir.


  2. Hello Tim, I’m not sure if this idea will get me into the 10K club this week, but I’ve recently launched a bare-bones site giving advice on what movies are worth watching. I came up with this idea after reading your book.

    I remember reading at one point that you didn’t want to see anything which was not at least as good as The Matrix: Reloaded. Well, this may be the answer to your movie-watching angst. Call it “The Matrix Threshold”.

    Thanks for the inspiration,


  3. Considering the randomness of the universe… if I didn’t read my 5 favorite books or have my splendid teacher or never read again… it wouldn’t matter!

    There would be something else to replace it. An experience, a different teacher, music or a photograph instead or words. Breath is enough, brother!


  4. …..May i add,

    I would highly suggest posting this on myspace, as a lot of companies and people subscribe to the blogs here. There are a lot of people whom would be interested in this. I think it will yield some great results.




  5. Tim as such a big fan it is so disappointing that all your prizes always require you to be a US Citizen could you please look to make future competitions have the ability to have a winner from any country even if that means that the winner has to pay to fly to US or whatever that may be I’m sure many people agree with me.

    P.S- good luck with the literacy experiment, pitty the lack of the global inclusion though Tim. =-)



    Hi Poe! Two things: 1) Please still compete! I just can’t offer the material (concrete or $) prizes internationally, but the recognition (including from Google, Yahoo, SixApart, etc.) and such is all open to you guys international. 2) I only restrict the competitions for legal reasons here in the US. If it were up to me, and I didn’t care about the law, I would make it open to you guys. I’m working on other options for doing this.

    Please compete anyhow, and thanks for the questions and support!



  6. ティム�ん�



    4 hour work week を読����。









    Nihongo de nanika o yatte miyoo! Tabun 10ka goro Nihon ni iku to omou. Dewa!