LitLiberation: How to Travel the World–and Get a Personal Assistant–for Free


First, a few questions from Eastern Europe for you all. Take a minute to seriously consider each:

Envision the 5 books that have most impacted your life. How would your life be different if you’d never read them?

Where might you be today if you’d never met the most influential teachers in your life, past and present?

How would your options be affected if you could never again read a book, menu, or sign?

Here is the huge competition I’ve been promising. It’s the biggest I’ve ever done, and there are some incredible world-famous people involved. You won’t be disappointed:

If you’d like to support this idea, please take a second to vote for it here. Be sure to see the “prizes” sectionhow could you get into the 10K Club if you had to?

Posted on: October 1, 2007.

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63 comments on “LitLiberation: How to Travel the World–and Get a Personal Assistant–for Free

  1. Hi Tim et al,

    Wonder what you can make out of this one – is it more than just a a good way to store PIM online and have reminders sent by mail/SMS instead of throuh PIM on PC/Berry? How would you tweak this to further increase free time and mind?




  2. You mention traveling the world and relocating without fear of anything…Well I happen to be Muslim and I happen to also wear a full cover (except for the eyes)moving and living in other countries for 3 to 6 months might not only get me XRayed @ an airport, added to an arbitrary “no flight” terrorist list, but it can get me into a one way ticket to Guantanamo bay (which I hear is delightful compared to other options in other countries). What would you do in my case?


  3. Litliberation sounds like it’s on a great mission. I would love to contibute but I am a broke college student. Will you be doing this next year? I should be working by then. I am graduating this semester! :)


  4. Definitely a motivational and thought-provoking article. I never had a mentor or book that I found “rocked my world” into transformative change until I found a health coach, Frederic Patenaude, whose own life modeled success to cause me to want to “go raw” and achieve greatness doing what I loved. The teachers all taught that you had to follow traditional paths to be a success, but Frederic’s life (and now yours) speaks otherwise. You both are amazing models! I could spend all day reading your blogs.


  5. First of all thanks to Tim on his eye opening book. What is most important is that he shows us that he has done it and so can we, if we so choose! I am working on changing my life to make my inner soul happy, and sometime it is so hard to get out of the box.

    Anyways, the school idea is actually what i had been planning to do for my father’s hometown in china. i visited it a few years ago and was surprised at how lacking it was, just being an hour away from the nearest city. the problem was no paved road, so it was hard to get anything there.

    anyways, i go through about 2 laptops a year and i have a million desktops and obsolete monitors/printers etc. why not start with a computer lab or basic things that people here pay others to throw away ? ask bill G to donate the OS or just use the old one. You dont even need the 1700 per person deal mentioned to make a difference.

    i always thought that when i “make it big” i will build a school there, but thinking smarter allows more possibilities. After all, this is not a new idea and friends in my grad school have done it in India. American currency goes a long way in the middle of nowhere India, so any little bit helps a lot.

    guess what i am going to do with my “void”? i simply cant believe people have problems filling the “void”. there are so many coool stuff to do if one’s time and location/fiscal dependency is removed.

    Alas, I am still working on that one….

    Helen (still stuck at work)


  6. hi tim!

    I have read both your and mr freidmans books. Excellent reading!

    I was along that path of outsourcing work however I ran into the problem of lazy and dishonest employees. I fired them all and went to the states to drive a truck for awhile and get some meditation done.

    Now after I have autopsied the biz I realized that it was due to a dishonest employee. He took orders and filled them from his own shop instead of mine.

    Any suggestions?


  7. I LOVE the info in your book (4 hour work week), and have given copies to people. But I find your website very frustrating! In particular, you have a lot of “contest” pages that are undated, so it’s impossible to tell if the contest is still in effect, what the entry deadline is, etc. And — this particular page (LitLiberation: How to Travel the World–and Get a Personal Assistant–for Free) – again, an undated contest, and there’s no info on the page (except perhaps in the video) on “How to Travel the World–and Get a Personal Assistant–for Free” – and no indication that this info is in the video.

    Just in general – I find your website very frustrating to use.