How I Work: The 4-Hour Workweek



Be sure to check out this month’s issue (May 2007) of Fortune Small Business, where I am profiled in the “How I Work” section. It covers how I limit information intake, fire customers, control voicemail, and otherwise dodge bullets to do one of the things I enjoy most: MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) with professional UFC fighters.

Blame it on my mother, who put me in “kid wrestling” at age 8 to drain the hyperactivity out of me and avoid Tasmanian Devil action at home. It worked like a charm but forever gave me the neck thickness of a small cow.

Getting punched and thrown isn’t everyone’s idea of fun (for those fans out there, my favorite fighter of all-time is Kasushi Sakuraba), but fun is what you make of it. The one ingredient you cannot do without? Time. Learn how to create more of it and do what you want — take a glance at the digital version of this article for free (beginning on page 47).

Adriaaaaaan! ;)

Posted on: April 27, 2007.

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63 comments on “How I Work: The 4-Hour Workweek

  1. Tim,
    Absolutely love your book. Am almost finished with it. Bothering my husband with comments like, ‘Ok, listen to this…!’ or ‘This one’s unbelievable…’ It’s so neat how you combine psychology with business and lifestyle.
    Very inspiring for me as my husband and I have a goal of relocating to London by this fall. We live in the US, both are college grads, and want to experience the UK, and travel. We’re applying through the highly skilled migrant worker program and then applying for full-time jobs. Its a long process but very do-able.

    Also, for someone who just finished culinary school and has a love of life-coaching and networking, this book definitely chose ME. THANK YOU :) Any tips that come to mind, I would love to hear from you.


  2. Hi Tim-!!
    I feel gifted– to have had my intuition drop the Four hour work week in to my lap— it represents such a huge contribution and RELIEF from so many of the traps of society.
    Because of your book— which was so possibility stimulating to me- that I lost sleep for two days..
    a real Kundalini rush — I logged on to find Gavin Allison–of Outsource Success- who I see has contributed here with some very clever posts.
    – My passion is in helping people get their contribution and meaning/creativity muscles…and figure out that there is alot more to life — then chasing the dollar, or what most people are absorbing as Life. We need education on rapidly letting go of some of the “politics” — say in the post above from Brian Fradet– the politics of people who are married, have kids, and can’t free themselves enough or feel obligated to keep a lid on their dreams…
    Everyone is capable of radical joy– experimentation- and discovery…and most especially of living in wonder about life…and keeping it fresh—and you certainly made me laugh with your experiments.
    Thanks for your incredible work.
    It is going to be on of the cornerstones of my offering to clients and telecoaching participants.
    Sue Stebbins


  3. Tim,

    I’m in action! Your book grabbed my attention at Borders while I was supposed to be picking up a trashy novel for a relaxing weekend away.

    I posted my open admin work to elance as soon as I got home.

    I have sketched out a plan for my muse, and one more for a colleague who I will coach through the process.

    Wish me luck!


  4. Tim, THE ARTICLE LINK DOESNT WORK! Sends you to july edition, how do i check out the may version, really want to read this. You should fix this! Or Can anyone help?



  5. Hello Tim,

    In your book, you say the following can be found at http://www.fourhourworkweek, but I can’t find them–please help!

    “Tools and spreadsheets to do calculations” (referred to on page 174 of 4HWW re: how to decide whether to invest or divest),

    “Sample email responses for fulfillment purposes” (referred to on page 189 of 4HWW), and

    “Conversion rate spreadsheets and tools”


  6. Time (I mean Tim)

    Did you read the follow up article in FSB to your write up last month? Comments posted in FSB july/august page 12 from readers of your FSB may/june article….FUNNY!!! Quick to quip without reading your book:)



  7. Hi Tim and 4-hour workweek wannabees

    Any suggestions about pursuing the four-hour workweek for a 38-year old single mom who is also an elementary school teacher and has piles of credit card debt? I am entering my 16th year of teaching and wondering if the dream can be applied to my life. Any thoughts?



  8. Tim,

    I enjoyed your book, and am having a good time perusing your site.

    I hope you don’t take this negatively, but I thought that you’d want to know that you spelled your favorite fighter’s name incorrectly. The “Gracie Hunter’s” first name has a “Z,” not an “S.”

    It should be Kazushi – not Kasushi.

    Then again, you probably outsourced the publishing of this blog, hence the error. LOL.

    Thanks for the great stuff.


    Hi R!

    Oops! That was a typo — must have been hungry. I definitely know him as Kazushi. I’ll get on fixing that. Thanks!



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  10. I’d like to buy your new book. Is it, or will it be available as an audio book?
    I’d like to thank-you Tim as your 4HWW book lifted me from the black hole of deppression. I told my doctor that reading your book was like embarassing me out of inaction. Thank-you, it probably saved my life.